BDI USA Furniture - TV Stands & Office Furniture

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BDI Furniture was founded by Bill Becker in 1984 with the goal of making great design widely available. BDI's designs are meant to allow technology to be seamlessly integrated into the home, without breaking the flow or the image of the room, and their company was among the first to introduce things like cable management and hidden wheels to desks, TV stands, and the like. The company now manufactures office furniture and personal entertainment centers with elegant, minimalist designs that have sharp, modern lines and sturdy construction. Fusing style and utility, the modern, sleek office furniture and home entertainment furniture of BDI is perfect for any needs, commercial or residential.

BDI USA manufactures home entertainment and office furniture. All items are made from steel, high-quality wood, tempered glass, and other quality parts. Products include desks, chairs, file cabinets, TV stands, video towers, shelves, and much more. BDI Furniture is the perfect choice for your office or your home entertainment center.