ALF Group

Alf Group is one of the most famous and influential international companies in the world. Founded in 1950s by accomplished and knowledgeable craftsmen from Italy, the company has been growing from local to worldwide due to its success on smaller markets. Great customer reviews, high durability and use of progressive materials make this company a great choice when buying furniture for any room in your house. ALF's motto is innovation and customer satisfaction. They are also known for their strong research and thorough tests of their furniture. Alf Group always tries out customized and improved new solutions, while making sure that their trademark reliability stays the same. Like many high end European companies, Alf is devoted to every product they sell by making sure they provide top of the line quality all the time. Every day, the engineers at Alf are looking for new and better ways to make your furniture lighter, more durable, better looking while maintaining competitive pricing. If you are looking for great modern bedroom, dining or living room sets, Alf Group should be one of your top choices.